Cirque Des Imbeciles Engarde House Rules

Cirque Des Imbeciles Engarde House Rules


  • Legion Du Fromage
  • Order List
  • Calendar
  • Horse Races


Usual Deadline is 2200 AEST Sunday of the Month
NEXT Deadline for Orders is Sunday 18th 2200 AEST(UTC+10).

  • Send orders in even if late. it usually takes a day or two and a litre of coffee to write it all up

NMR (No Move Recieved)

Players who NMR do nothing and until their next orders are influenceable as NPCs
Duels due to be fought by them are moved to the start of the next month.

The NMRing player receives Allowance, Pay and Status due to their Position, Rank and Property
Basic Support(inc horses and other fees and property) is deducted from their cash and Club Dues Paid.
If these NMR activities don’t gain SP to maintain your SL, you drop one SL

A Second NMR. see a character sent to the Frontier,


Floating is the usual PBM practice of suspending the character in Paris with no activities or fees due until their return due to Holiday, illness etc.

This must be arranged with the GM before deadline.




Recent History

Politics of the Ancien Regime

Paris and The Court

Further Reading




What is Press and Why?

Press is the Life of the Game
WRS Asked:
Q: what perspective or person should I write press in?

A Letter of Introduction on your First Turn earns 2SP

observer reporter…
the thing is you’re trying to sell newspapers, foment trouble, sow rumour, kindle outrage…
prepare the populace for game actions…

opine, sneer, insinuate, write open letters to players or NPCs, bombast, grovel, toady, reveal…

in the games i’ve played over the years rivalries were conducted more often in press than on the field of honour.
players campaigned in the press against all kinds of issues, one started an Courting Advice Column called “Dear Jean…”, many opined into the issues of the day like corruption in government, the state of the army, against the horrendous taxation of the Gabelle and the Taille…
some tried to bring about Revolution and Republicanism too early…
there were assassination plots, race fixing, poisoning
Anonymous figments and figures were created who waged campaigns…

Purity Campaigns against public Licentiousness, clubs and bawdyhouses were shut down for parties that got out of control… recently in one game in a ploy for status one player connived to invite the Human Centipede Dancing Troupe to Hunter’s… alas it went horribly wrong and the club was burned to the ground, the site re-consecrated and the club re-opened elsewhere a few months later.

players started and ran themes… one player reported on the graffiti in Paris “The CPS is a Fink!” etc
Another ran a duelling commentary, another a pigeon fancier… ended up eating them when he couldn’t pay support one month,

Players commented on events in the last month. the great time they had at the club with bernard, or the TRUE story of why they were jilted by their mistress last month. wrote open letters to each other about recent or upcoming events, they invited players to and RSVP’d to parties and threw gauntlets to challenge other players.

Honour Reward Fame and influence are to be found at the end of both the pen and sword both

Any month you submit press (trivial odd-spot/short single paragraph type stuff doesn’t score) will earn an SP.
poems sonnets songs doggerel composed for events activities or about or to other players and Mistresses will also give you a possible reroll such if a courting attempt fails
Anything particularly noteworthy may attract extra reward at the GMs discretion

Skilled Public Grovelling to His majesty’s Wisdom, The Royal Family and other such Public Piety will be …noted


Game Effect

Le Canard Riant

LCR Sections


is a in-gameCompetition based on Press Submission.
it is a League Table, updated each month based on press submitted as your character

Players who have led this table at least once in the Six months prior gain:
Their Choice of ONE of the following.
+1 to your first Title Attempt
-1 to any roll for the King Confirming a court sentence of Execution upon them.
+1 to a Courting Attempt of a Mistress of Higher SL (literacy is a blessing)

press may become matters of honour if the insults run too thickly, or matters of investigation by the CPS or challenge by Loyal Players if they threaten the Natural Order or impugn the King.

Time Sequence

Press is a place to announce things ahead of time. (appointments, petitions, requests to resign or use/decide issues of their office (the CLAP being a new case in point.)

Government Appointments may be applied for at the end of each season
Military Appointments may be applied for at the end of The Summer Campaign season when the Army returns to Paris,

One reason is influence may be brought to bear to ensure their success or failure.
Any use of Influence against or requests made to NPCs/appointment applications must be accompanied by press the month before it is used/made/ordered.







Status Points and Social Level


Support not required

Support is not required if you are at the Front or on Expedition, or “Floated” by prior arrangement with the GM due to Holiday, Illness etc.

If you can’t pay…



Unless noted in orders, players are assumed to take 25% of their cash to a club, party, bawdyhouse (any establishment that Carouses) or Clichy plus whatever expenses are set aside for that visit.
Attending the same establishment (apart from Clichy) during the same week with members of your Regiment and Regimental Friends reduces the chance and effect of mugging, as do Bodyguards which may be hired at 10Cr each.


Whenever a character (or their wives/mistressses) carouses (at club, bawdyhouse, party, anywhere applicable) two dice are rolled and on a 12 the character becomes inebriated. Three dice are then rolled to determine the outcome:

3 = Insult King- may be challenged by any ‘royalist’ present
*4 = Cause fight- cause ten times the roll of one die in crowns damage and be banned for three months
*5 = Gamble- lose ten times the roll of one die in crowns but no loss of status points
*6 = Injure self- take five times the roll of one die in endurance damage and be banned for a month
*7 = Insult a player character present- cause for a duel
*8 = Insult a mistress present- cause for a duel
*9 = Insult own mistress- pacify her with a gift worth three times her social level in crowns
*10 = Arrested for obscene behaviour- 1 week in jail
*11 = Cause fight- cause five times the roll of one die in crowns damage and lose a similar amount of end.
*12 = Tell horrible jokes- lose one status point
13 = Gamble- win five times the roll of one die in crowns and gain one status point
14 = Gamble- win ten times the roll of one die in crowns and gain one status point
15 = Buy everyone drinks- this costs the sum of six dice expressed in crowns and gains 3 status points
16 = Court a mistress present- no money spent but base chance of success
17 = Impress important non-player character- gain level 2-7 favour to be used next month
18 = Impress incognito Crown Prince- toady with him at Bothwell’s

Characters may choose to specify when carousing that they are going to get drunk, or will stay sober.
Patrons may not choose to stay Sober if the booze is Free/Paid for.
Poetry, Limericks and Doggerel submitted when carousing may influence results at the GM’s whim.

The Chance of Drunkenness at any occasion where the Booze is Free/paid for increases the chance of Drunkenness to 1 in 6.

Characters whose mistresses have dumped them in the previous two months and have not yet successfully courted a get a +1 on the 3D6 roll.


Characters Begin with a DA of 1.
Characters with a CON of 7 or less have a DA of Zero
Characters with a CON of 16 or higher start with a DA of 2.
Results 1-12 are marked “*” as “Unfortunate”.
Other Results are considered “Good”.

Each Month that a Player gets Drink, erm Drunk and the ratio of Good to Unfortunate Drinkiness Episots is 3:1 or better, then if their DA is Zero it increases to one.
For other characters. Rolling DA or under on d6 increases it by one.

Any ratio test natural roll of of 6 decreases their DA by one.

Any natural 3D6 Result of 3 (regardless of modifiers) reduces DA by one.
A player with Negative DA is considered Disgraced, when he returns from the front he has sobered up and has a DA of Zero.

Legendary Drunkers

Players whose DA is high tend to be able to hold their liquor.
For every 3 points of DA, he applies a +1 modifier alternatively to each of “Unfortunate” then “Good” results.

Example: Marco Chunderer has a DA of 8 for a total modification of +2. He applies a +1 first to Unfortunate and then +1 to Good Resots. He Won’t insult the King (but a natural 3 on 3d6 could drop his DA) and has an increased chance of currying favour or impressing if he gets drunk.

Female Companionship


The GM will secretly roll 1 die for each mistress when they take a new lover to determine her loyalty rating.
This will not be known to anyone.

This may be temporarily increased by 1 on a monthly basis for an amount equal to 3 times her social level, or permanently increased by one for a gift of 12 times her social level. Wealthy mistresses are not impressed by mere money and their loyalty cannot be increased by this method. For each month a mistress is unattended, her loyalty decreases by one until he does visit when it returns to it’s normal level. This decrease may be deferred by sending a gift of 3 times her social level if at the front. A player may court the mistress of another player, but he has an automatic die roll modifier of -1 for every three points of loyalty or part thereof Attempts to court a mistress in her lover’s presence are at an additional -2. A roll of 6 is, however always successful- Courting another player’s mistress is obviously cause for a duel if discovered. A character is caught if he attempts to court another player’s mistress while the other player is with her, or if he courts, fails to win her, and commits an indiscretion in the process.


Characters sartisfying urges at the bawdyhouse will contract the clap on a roll of a double 1 through double 4 on two dice. The afflicted character will lose one point of constitution per month until they reach half their original level (rounded down). Characters will not realise they have the clap until they start losing constitution and the GM drops the player a quiet note.
The clap may be cured any week by rolling twelve or higher on two dice, modified as follows:

+1 for each original point of constitution over 12.
+1 for each 50 crowns spent on medication (to a maximum of 250 crowns).

  • 1 for each week in the previous four spent carousing.

The clap can be communicated to others, but mistresses notice half of the time and will gossip if a die roll exceeds their loyalty, unless bribed three times her social level in crowns. If she does not notice, she has a 5 in 6 chance of contracting it per encounter and may pass it on with the same chance. Mistresses are cured as above. If gossip reveals that a character has the clap, he loses status points equal to his social level each month until cured. No woman will have anything to do with him during his illness but he does not suffer lack of female companionship penalties. At the end of this visit, any character in the red light district must roll two dice to determine if he is set upon by footpads and relived of his money. This occurs on a roll of any double and he also loses 10- 60% of his full endurance and losing that many crowns (or what he is carrying if this is less). For each amount equal to his social level in crowns spent on bodyguards, this chance is reduced by one double.


In addition to the Normal Rules, Female companionship is optional at a Bawdyhouse and costs crowns equal to the character’s social level.
Players spending crowns equal to three times the character’s social level or a roll of 6 on one die secures the services of Lola DeLouche and an extra status point. Liquid refreshment is mandatory in this fortunate case, costing crowns equal to the numerical value of the character’s social level.


Gentlemen may afford themselves a more dignified evening. Those who require the services of a woman in civilised surroundings may visit the Salon Du Porcherie. Carousing costs three times the character’s social level, and having a woman costs six times, but the status points gained from each activity are double usual (2 each), there is no risk of mugging and the clap is only caught on the roll of 12 on two dice. Minimum social level for entry to this establishment is 7.


Characters so inclined may relieve their urges in the Boulevard Du Clichy, this costs nothing but there is a 50% chance each of being mugged or catching the clap, there is also a 25% chance of being caught whilst there. Release from jail following this offence costs 10 crowns, and the character’s mistress will be so outraged she will automatically dump him.



  1. Duels are Fought as a pre-monthly action in the month after Cause occurs or is voted on.
  2. Players due to fight a duel who are not in Paris have their duels rescheduled until the month they are due to return.
  3. Players may write press for any reason (challenge, rumour etc) if the Referee determines the press has sufficiently insulted a player or the challenge has cause a Duel must be fought as a pre-monthly action the following month. Members of the Same Regiment and their Regimental Friends will also have cause against the insulting player.
  4. If a player wishes to challenge for any other reason Press must be sent issuing the challenge and Cause will be determined by a vote of all the players.
  5. Players Declining a Duel (failing to order attendance in the next months orders) lose their SL in SP. Players under half END who decline lose 1/2 SL in SP.
  6. Surrender. Players must indicate in their Duelling Orders when they will offer and accept Surrender. SP penalties may apply. Players may appoint other players as Seconds who must order attendance AND order if they will stop a duel.


When two characters are in the same place (that is, performing the same activity), Cause for a duel may take place. There must, however, be cause. Unless permitted to by the rules, any character who has cause and an opportunity to fight and does not will lose one social level.

Players must specifically order in the appropriate activities (Courting etc) that they will stand down to regimental friends and colleagues, if they wish to avoid Disgrace.

Judgement of whether or not there was cause is up to the GM.

Challenges issued by Players in Press which do not have sufficient cause are voted on by all players.
All Duels Occur at the start of the month as a premonthly action.

Others Examples of sufficient cause for a duel are:

Two characters of two unfriendly regiments meeting. Officers of rank Colonel and above are exempt from regimental feuds, although they may indulge if they wish. Regimental friends and enemies are listed on Regimental Table D.
Committing an indiscretion with another player’s mistress.
Insulting a regimental friend of a character.
Two characters courting the same mistress.
If a noble meets a non-noble who is four or more social levels above him.
Persistent insulting press. Players may issue challenges to other players who persistently insult their characters through the press. Challenges to players writing anonymously or under a pseudonym do not have to be accepted, unless the challenger can prove that the player challenged is the author of the press.

Characters may gain or lose status points as a result of a duel. Duelling Table I) lists status point changes after a duel.
Parties to a duel should arrange for seconds to accompany them, to ensure that no foul play occurs.

Non-player character ruffians may be hired to act as seconds for 10 crowns each, who may, if paid more, partake in dishonourable behaviour. It is not possible to bribe another player’s non-player character seconds. Ruffians will always testify that their man was innocent (if paid). Seconds of the winning duellist will gain 1 status point if they are seen carousing with him within 2 weeks of the duel.

Duelling is not illegal, murder and manslaughter are. Any death may be investigated by the commissioner of Public Safety, whose decision it is as to whether or not to bring charges.


Military Ability


Joining a Regiment

  1. The Current Senior Officer (by subunit seniority - where all the Senior Ranks are vacant) approves admission by a qualifying Player to a Regiment.
    This may be an NPC or Player Character.



Campaign Outcome


Inspector-General of Cavalry

CLAP Program

His Majesty has announced an idea of INSPIRED logistical BRILLANCE: The CAVALRY LOAN ASSISTANCE PROGRAM.

Mindful of the Dignity of Officers and the Talented Horsemanship of the Men of France, The Inspector-General of Cavalry has been put in Charge of the CLAP.

Whilst players may always borrow funds to purchase necessary horses, His Majesty wishes to support the Loyal and Skilled Soldiery of the Regular Army.

If a character needs horses or additional horses as a result of being promoted or losing a horse in battle, the Palace will arrange it, together with a no-interest loan if necessary.

Players of any arm of the Regular Army without funds for necessary horses who otherwise qualify for admission or have been promoted without Funds for Horses who wish to apply for assistance before applying for a Cavalry Regiment or purchasing or promotion to a rank requiring horses may, prior to applying undergo a free CLAP ASSESSMENT.

This consists of Riding Trials requiring a player to demonstrate expertise in Equine Management.
This may be a week’s Regimental Duties if needed for a promotion within a regiment.

Players who roll under their EXP (-3 if not Fully Healed) pass the test and will be loaned the purchase cost of the necessary horses.
Players requiring 3 horses for a Majority must additionally pass an exam, rolling equal to or under their MA on 1d6.

Players granted CLAP funds have a CLAP debt to the value of the loaned funds which must be repaid at a minimum of 10Cr a month.
Players unable to make a minimum CLAP monthly repayment are Disgraced.

A Roll of 17-18 is a Dramatic or Hilarious Failure and on a d6:
1-2: Hilarious Failure with exclusion from CLAP tests of d3 Seasons,
3: lose 3d6 END,
4: Lose 6d6 END
5: You’ve embarrassed a Staff Officer, try for the CLAP again next year. Lose 2SP
6: Son, it’s not for you. Excluded from application to Cavalry Regiments until MID or Merit Promoted.

A natural 2-4 result indicates a spectacular and memorable success. Gain 5SP in all cases.
1: You Show Promise: +2 on all Cavalry Applications until next accepted.
2: Innovative Idea: Increase your MA by One. Your CLAP dept is waived,
3-5: The Inspector-General of Cavalry has noticed you. Gain one Class 5 Favour for use until the current IGC is replaced.
6: Inspirational Success. Gain favour as below. Increase your MA by one. Additionally +1 for promotion on next Summer Campaign.

Players may undergo CLAP Assessment once a month unless excluded by a fail result, or if the IGC suspends CLAP testing.

CLAP Funds entrusted to The Inspector-General of Cavalry may be embezzled once a year at the start of the Summer Season.
Multiply the number of CLAP attendances (not attendees) in the last year by d3 by 200 Crowns.
Roll 3d6. The IGC is caught:
on a natural roll of 3.
or on a negative die result (after subtracting one for every 1000Cr or part thereof embezzled)
If caught the player will be removed from office and disgraced and stripped of property. He will be executed on a 7+.
Both Dice rolls can be modified by influence with the Adjutant-General.
The King will Commute an Execution on a 7+.

A Player IGC may either:

  1. Waive an existing CLAP debt.
  2. Grant CLAP funds for horses to a player with no obligation to repay.
    at their discretion (or by “arrangement”) or a NPC IGC will if influenced, but the applying player must undergo a sham CLAP test.
    If the player spectacularly fails the IGC if found out, and is removed from his position and Disgraced
    This also occurs On a 11+ for a passed test.
    No memorable results are possible on a sham CLAP test.




New Rules

Amended Tables


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