Cirque des imbeciles Engarde begins!

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Circque des Imbeciles En Garde!

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Are you ready for Glory, Cash, Privilege, Rank, Intrigue, Romance, Blather, Barbs and Wit and the Flash of Rapiers to settle Matters of Honour as you climb the greasy pole of Parisian Society?

All of course, to the Good and Noble purposes of God, King and France and not at all for Self-enrichment. Nevair!

CDI is a game of En Garde played in monthly turns open to members of the Nunawading Wargames Association and their cronies. Players adopt the persona of Frenchmen in Paris (Catholic Journeymen of any nationality are welcome - except English!) who advance their careers and Status in Military and Government, seeking Honours, Rank Titles and Prizes.


Deadline 1st of Each Month 22:00 AEST
Orders, Press, Blather, Brown-nosing, Cunning Plans and New Player and GM Enquiries to GM Le Roi Bob Blanchett

The Date is January 1610
Louis XIII is King (Aged 12, majority at 14)
Marie De Medici is Regent
Fils Du France

  1. Gaston, Duc D’Orleans
  2. Henri, Prince Du Conde

France is CALM

The Church is not accepting Novices.
The Royal Court is suspended during Louis’ Minority.

Joining the Cirques!

  1. Email the GM.
  2. Choose your character’s witty, dashing name of two to four words to form a code of two to four letters. e.g. Michel Le Flea would be MLF
  3. Compose your Introductory Letter to go in the Monthly Parisian Newspaper Le Canard Riant*

House Rules

Players are encouraged to splash a Fiver on
Standard Engarde from Margam - Evans as a PDF
The rules are also available in softcover.

Standard Game Tables and Order Forms will be of use during the game.

A Beginners Guide to Engarde from a previous game may be found here, some details may differ.

As the game proceeds and develops House Rules lending colour and opportunity to the game will be added from the Library of many previous games… see the links below for a flavour.

CDI House Rules in force

These will be clarified rapidly during the first two turns.
We will largely follow the Orleans Engarde and Parisian Chronicle House Rules below.

  1. Applying for a position in a Regiment is a pre-monthly action and does not take a week. Players may apply for more than one regiment, applications to NPC Commanders will be be resolved in Prestige Order (Top-down) on Regiment Table A.
  2. Gambling carries some risk. Players must indicate how much they are taking to a Club or Bawdyhouse to Gamble with. They will be mugged in the Red Light District on a 6(1D) or outside a club on 11+(2D). Prevailing Public Unrest may alter matters.
  3. Etrangers While the game is based in Paris, many came from Foreign Lands to seek fortune, Foreigners have something of a Glass Ceiling to enter the Nobility though men of talent and distinction will not struggle. These Characters may add one to two characteristics of their choice on arrival in Paris, The only restriction being, you must be Catholic and you cannot, of course be English.
  4. Recruiting is encouraged. Players who bring other players into the game gain 1SP for each new player per month for three months (up to a max of 3SP/month). The New Player must of course acknowledge this beneficence in character, in their Introductory Press.
  5. Lottery Drawn Each Month. Each ticket is for a single number from the range 01 to 50 with each ticket costing 20cr. 3cr from the ticket will be donated to Pauper’s Fund, 2cr for tax and the rest will form the Prize Fund.
    Each month, a winning number is chosen at random. Any player/NPC holding that winning number will win a share of the first prize. Any player/NPC holding a ticket for the numbers immediately adjacent to the winning number win a share of the second prize. First prize is made up from 70% of the total prize fund. Second prize is made up from 30% of the total prize fund. If no player/NPC holds any of the winning tickets (first or second) then that prize rolls over to next month’s prize fund. Purchasing a ticket is considered a pre-monthly action.
  6. The Legion Du Fromage is a pool of 6SP awarded to ranconteurs each month by the GM (Le Roi) for notable, amusing, poetic, balladic, strident, loyal or pious in-character Game Press or announcements.
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Assorted House Rules from Other Games

Peruse these past games Rules and Press for Flavour and Inspiration.
Arcadia Engarde
Arcadia Engarde House Rules
Orleans Engarde House Rules
Sun King Engarde House Rules
Parisian Chronicle House Rules
Banana Engarde House Rules
Les Petites Betes Soyeuse House Rules
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The Greasy Pole (No, not you Fly) January 1610

Name SL SP Cash Rank, Regt/Appt Mil.Abty Last Seen Club EC Player
LPB Louis Pierre Bastarde 10 - Poor - 4 - - 5 Richard Gorringe
SSS Sauvage ‘saucisse’ Saunier 10 - Poor - 3 - - 6 John Marsh
FB Fernand Brummel 9 - OK - 6 - - 2 Jason Berman
CEG Croissant El Grande 8 - OK - 6 - - 4 Peter Kaczmarek
WRS Wolfhardt Ruprecht-Schürmann 7 - OK - 5 - - 5 James Schoonmaker
FUT Francois Urban Tourville 7 - OK - 3 - - 2 David Morgan
RB1 Unnamed 7 FL Poor - 3 - - 4 Roy Bleasdale
PDP Probleme De Peony 7 - Poor - 3 - - 5 John Dalton
GLV Guillotine Le Vertebrae 6 - Poor - 2 - - 3 Leith Golding
FDF Francois De Fromage 5 - OK - 6 - - 4 Paul Kidd
SO Serge Otto 5 - OK - 6 - - 4 Mark Gilby
JCSP Jean-Charles Saint Pierre 5 - OK - 2 - - 5 Chris Chown
JMM James MacMorris 4 - Poor - 6 - - 4 Neil Hughes
EDWW Escargot De Wagon Wheel 4 - Poor - 3 - - 6 Russell Charles
TAS Thierry Augustin Suchet 3 - OK - 6 - - 3 John Shaw
IB Inigo Balboa 3 - OK - 6 - - 2 Mark Chandler
JPSG Jean-Pierre St Germain 3 - Poor - 4 - - 3 Michael Stringer
CDC CDC - Chrétien du Champinion 2 - Poor - 5 - - 3 Geoff Kelly

SP SPs last turn. F: at the Front, RIP means that he died, FL: Floated
+ against SL means it went up this month, - means it went down.
Cash: Poor=<500, OK=500-1500, Comfy=1500-5000, Wlthy=5000-10000, Rich=10000-25000, Flthy=25000+
Last seen is the mistress the character was last seen with in public.
EC is Endurance Class: 1=<60, 2=60-90, 3=91-120, 4=121-159, 5=160-200, 6=201+ A * indicates the character is recovering from wounds

Parade du Pompadour

This list will be added to as players join the game

Mistress SL Attributes Last Seen with
Farah Faucette 13 I -
Polly Filler 10 B -
Jessie Lenko 9 W -
Elle O’Moaney 9 I -
Caz Aley 8 W -
Martha Hayri 8 I -
Helena Handbasket 7 B, I, W -
Carina Torch 7 B -
Verda Sweeney 6 B,I,W -
Yootha Nasia 5 B, I -
Ava Nelend 5 B, I, W -
Tora Hammie 8 W -

Beautifu:l +1SP
Wealthy: Support not required, gifts Crowns to Beaus of lower SL
Influential: Provides a 2nd Favour annually. All Mistresses of SL8+ grant an annual favour.

Le Canard Riant

The Monthly Newspaper of Cirque Des Imbeciles is the life of the game.
Feats of Bravery, Honour, Loyalty and Hilarity are recorded within.
Smears are made, gloves thrown and rumours abound.
Poetry and Song both satirical and Loyal are welcome as are considered reflection on the sagacity of HRH, the attributes of ones betters and the antics of plebian classes.
Parisian Life, The Law Courts, Public Unrest, Military Affairs, (and affairs of the heart} and intrigues of State, Church and the Royal Court are printed.
The Legion du Fromage is awarded monthly for contributions to LCR
If you have led the LDF ranking at any stage during the 6 months prior to attempting a Title Attempt, you get +1 on your next attempt.

Le Canard has several sections:

  1. Announcements
    New Players announce themselves here.
    Players are required to announce applications to NPCs for positions they appoint or to resign from positions they hold that Players may seek, Decisions of Office and applications by them for Offices of State as these are influenceable events.
    Cause for, and insistence upon a defense of Honour are required. Duels are announced and arranged here.
    Where Cause is not clear, all players must vote on the case made by the affronted player; a majority requiring honour be defended.
  2. Vie d’Armee
    Army affairs including promotions, deployments to the frontier or campaign and news from the front are announced here
  3. Social News
    Parties, events (Spiritual, Temporal and Artistic) and announced an invitations made. The Bloom of Love and Cads being chucked out on their ear, go here
  4. Le Opinion
    Love Notes and Cri de Coeur after “Dear Jean Lettres” go here.
    Those wishing to raise issues of Public Importance air them here.
  5. Le Scandal
    Anonymous rumour, accusation and whiffs of Crime, Cowardice and slights against the effete go here.
  6. Le Bastille
    Law Reports, Court Cases and matters of Disgrace and Discipline are here
  7. Points Arising
    GM notes and game housekeeping news here.
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