The Lure of Excess - I

I started playing Age of Sigmar with the release of the Second Edition; I was making decent money at the time and wanted to put together a Flesh Eater Courts army because I liked the miniatures and wanted a game with a broad player-base, as I usually played smaller games with a select group of people. As I never played much Warhammer Fantasy, I didn't have any nostalgic connection to the Old World and quite enjoyed the dynamic play of Age of Sigmar. 

What I did have some nostalgia for, however, were the forces of the Chaos god, Slaanesh. My first "real" Warhammer 40,000 army was Emperor's Children, which I never really finished and have long since been sold, but the Prince of Chaos has been on my mind ever since. Naturally, when the new Age of Sigmar Hedonites of Slaanesh rules dropped, I grabbed a copy of the Battletome and Warscroll cards and put them aside until I finally finished painting my Flesh Eater Courts. 

Then I lost my job. Stuff happens, big deal, I'm already applying and don't expect to be out of work long (last time I got to three weeks), but I need to be careful with my spending on the hobby for the time being and Games Workshop miniatures are famously expensive. Also, I'm not that much of a fan of the current range of Slaaneshi Daemons, so doing something original had a decent appeal. I'm a bit of a "Hobby Hero", I like converting and customizing all of my miniatures, making my army unique, rather than just painting them like the box picture; probably a reason I don't play a lot of historical wargames. 

When planning a new army, I like to have at least a rough army list to work from, otherwise I quickly find myself with unnecessary units and way over budget. What a terrible wargamer I am. Looking at the Hedonites Battletome, I came up with this basic list that will allow me to build what I'd like and still get some games in:

20 Daemonettes (220 Points) 

20 Daemonettes (220 Points) 
Keeper of Secrets (360 Points) 
Vicelader, Herald of Slaanesh (120 Points) 
Dreadful Visage (40 Points) 
Wheels of Excruciation (40 Points)

A nice, round 1000 points and 44 models looks like a good place to start. No Warscroll Battalion to begin with, as I don't have quite enough points, but the two Endless Spells should give some durability to the force. A major consideration for any army I build is weight. Wherever possible, I like to build the bulk of my forces from plastic figures, because they're more durable and easy to transport. I knew I had a fair few female Heroclix in a box somewhere, so I started digging.

A short time later, I had 37 miniatures with feminine appearance, not quite the 41 I need, but a good start. The Heroclix are a soft plastic, which carves easily, but requires superglue rather than polystyrene cement and the bases need replacing. I dug into a deep box of bits and started gluing on claws, new faces and tails. Here are a couple of examples of what I came up with to start:

It's hard to tell from the front, but this lady isn't wearing anything to cover her rear end. 
Similar to the above, this figure has visible underwear, which clashes nicely with the blade for a face. 

I decided the Herald should be pretty special and more than a little strange, so I started with an Emma Frost Heroclix with wonky legs. I replaced her legs with Tryanid whips, her hands with Ghoul claws and put a Dyrad head on as a mask/face. The base looked a little bare, so I added a Chaos familiar I had to highlight that the Herald is a special lady. The finished product looks flimsy, but is held together with a lot of superglue and plastic putty, so should weather gaming ok. 

I already had an idea for a Keeper of Secrets which I wanted to try, using a vinyl anime figure, the type of which can be found at most collectable stores that deal with Japanese kitsch. With the new Keeper of Secrets coming in at over $200, it could be a good way to save some money, as well as a fun modeling challenge. At the Australian Plastic Model Expo 2019, I found this young lady:

As seen next to my existing Daemonettes and Herald, this "Gothic Lolita" is pretty tall, but the flexible vinyl of the figure makes it work fine with superglue and plastic putty. Once I replace the arms with claws and add a demonic face, the stockings and visible underwear will contrast nicely. 

I got to work, getting a few more Daemonettes done, giving me ten, plus the Herald. Since the picture was taken, they've been flocked, but are waiting for a dry day to undercoat.

As building the Daemonettes is time-consuming, they're the focus for now, then I can have a bit of fun with the Endless Spells and Keeper of Secrets. The next purchase will be some bases for the Spells and Keeper, plus the components for the Spells. I always make sure to have the correct bases for any proxy miniatures, to prevent any claims of cheating by having miniatures of a slightly different size to the originals. With a bit of luck, I can have my 1000 points undercoated and on the table within a month, maybe even get a few painted. 

Points Assembled: 230
Points Painted: 0
Money Spent: $25
GW Pricing: $87