In the grim darkness of Nunawading... Part II

Excerpt from private diaries of Kadmos, former Tech Priest Explorator of the Hemlock Rogue Trader Company, declared Excomunitatus Hereticus M.41: 

"My continued search for the lost artifacts of the Necrotyr has lead me to a fringe world that the Astronomicon had listed as an abandoned Imperial outpost. I sent down a team of Merchant Marines with support from some of my own creations, just in case any of the local wildlife proved to be overly aggressive." 

For the first proper game of "Nunawading 40,000" or N40K as we've taken to calling it, Jason volunteered to take James and Leith through a game of Rogue Planet, a rules-light, narrative-heavy Sci-Fi skirmish game. Jason adapted the classic Rogue Trader scenario "Battle at the Farm" to be fought between the Heretek forces of Kadmos (played by James) and some marauding Orks (played by Leith). For details on the scenario, check out Jason's blog: N40K Battle at the Farm 

Shortly after landing, movement was seen on the perimeter of the old settlement, further investigation revealed that the plant-life had locomotive power of its own.

An Ork raiding party was seen on the horizon, either using the aggressive flora as cover or possibly herding it towards the Marines. After the first soldier was lost to a carnivorous succulent, the drones were sent out to stem the invading tide, only to be quickly cut down by the greenskin horde. 

In a state of panic, the commanding officer of the expedition sent out the Heavy Weapon Drone. 
As there seemed no end to the horde of Orks and killer plants, this stratagem proved only to buy time, rather than turn the tide of battle. 

When the Ork leader entered the fray, it cut down most of the surviving soldiers, the CO requested an immediate extraction. 

Kadmos made the decision to wait until the local wildlife had slaughtered the remaining living personnel so that the precious Xenos materials in the drones could be collected and re-used.

Rogue Planet and Jason's scenario turned out to be a fast and bloody affair, with near total casualties on both sides. Not measuring movement is tricky to adapt to for veteran wargamers such as James and Leith, but a fun game was had by all. For an interesting skirmish experience with a bit of "Warhammer" flavour, Rogue Planet is well worth a read.