Le Canard Riant New Year Edition 1610

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Deadline 1st of Each Month 22:00 AEST
Orders, Press, Blather, Brown-nosing, Cunning Plans and New Player and GM Enquiries to GM Le Roi Bob Blanchett

NEW YEAR January 1610

Louis XIII is King (Aged 12, majority at 14)
Marie De Medici is Regent
Fils Du France

  1. Gaston, Duc D’Orleans
  2. Henri, Prince Du Conde

France is CALM

The Church is not accepting Novices.
The Royal Court is suspended during Louis’ Minority.

Joining the Cirques!

  1. Email the GM.
  2. Choose your character’s witty, dashing name of two to four words to form a code of two to four letters. e.g. Michel Le Flea would be MLF
  3. Compose your Introductory Letter to go in the Monthly Parisian Newspaper Le Canard Riant*

Le Canard Riant

The Monthly Newspaper of Cirque Des Imbeciles is the life of the game.
Feats of Bravery, Honour, Loyalty and Hilarity are recorded within.
Smears are made, gloves thrown and rumours abound.
Poetry and Song both satirical and Loyal are welcome as are considered reflection on the sagacity of HRH, the attributes of ones betters and the antics of plebian classes.
Parisian Life, The Law Courts, Public Unrest, Military Affairs, (and affairs of the heart} and intrigues of State, Church and the Royal Court are printed.
The Legion du Fromage is awarded monthly for contributions to LCR
Le Canard has several sections:


Twelve New Players have arrived in Paris for the New Year:
The Editor awaits their Letters of Introduction

The Players Below have received their order sheets.
LPB Louis Pierre Bastarde, (Richard Gorringe) a rather strapping lad by the looks of him, Good Stock, but barely a sous to his name ) as good though it may be. (a Viscount’s boy)
FUT Francois Urban Tourville, (David Morgan) a sharp eye like his dad (Louis is rumoured to be a Marquis out of milkmaid) and a perhaps a bit of flash and folding material (which he seems to possess) might see a future for him here.
IB Inigo Balboa (Mark Chandler) has arrived from Spain (muttering something so rumour has it about someone killing his Father - but who understands what they say?!) Paris welcomes all who (except the hated English! ptui!) who wish to make a career in the Service of the King!
FDF Francois De Fromage (Paul Kidd) has a Purse of a Horse, but does he have a heart of a Lion?
GLV Guillotine Le Vertebrae (Leith Golding) might sound like a bloodthirsty sot, (excuse me! sort) but as his Dad is a Knight and Chavalier, I’ll just tug my Forelock and say no more.
TAS Thierry Augustin Suchet is
FB Fernand Brummel is reputed to a be a devil with the Blade (I’m assuming we’re talking Rapier here) when he’s not throwing Crowns around as you’d expect of our esteemed Noble Scions
JPSG Jean-Pierre St. Germain (Michael Stringer) comes from Mercantile Stock and i’m sure he is a canny lad who knows his sous from his crowns.
PDP Probleme De Peony (John Dalton) has his head about him and has been known to lose it! (A Baron’s sire.)
CEG Croissant El Grande (Peter Kaczmarek) is a lad determined upon Military Glory… He’s Off to the Front!
JMM James MacMaster (Neil Hughes) comes from North of Hadrian’s wall and has a barrel marked “IRN BRU” which is puzzling Religious Scholars.

There are no duels pending or causes for duels to be voted upon

No Application Announcements have been made for WINTER Government Appointments this Season

No Application Announcements have been made for Military Appointments (made at the end of August)

No Requests have been made of Non-player Characters

Vie d’Armee

It is deepest winter and thus the Frontier is as usual quiet with the Peasantry shut in, the Orangemen tending to their cows and cheese, Germans and Huguenots nailing very long letters (they really do have a word for everything) to their doors and saying nasty things about the Pope.
But Alas in His Majesty’s WISDOM the Edict of Nantes is in Force so we can’t burn or behead Protestants like we used to to keep the Horses warm and fed in Frontier Barracks over Winter.
The Royal North Highland Border Regiment is as always on the frontier with The Army’s Frontier Forces should any wish to defend French snow from Spaniards, while the Regular Army’s Regiments remain at the King’s Disposal in Paris.
The Summer Campaign Season Begins in June when the Army Staff, and The Minister of War and The Minister of State decide on matters of military high policy and someone will, as always get Rich or Dead as a result.
So Join the Army Boys! Plunder, Glory and Fame Await you!!

Social News

Everyone has been sobering up after new year and the King’s Fireworks His Majesty Le Roi Louis XII toasts to the health of all Frenchmen and said “Love Your God and King - and pay your Taxes, you Louts!”

Much sighing has been heard from La Parade du Pompadour as there is business of the Heart that is being left unattended on a Grand Scale - Farrah Faucette and Helena Handbasket are… impatient.

HRH has decided to announce a Arts Program for the encouragement of Theatricals at the end of the Year after the Army returns from campaigning. Get writing! Turn your with into Cash (See if you can turn your flop into a hit!)
The Lottery
The Carry-over prize pool from the Christmas draw is 67 CROWNS
Buy your tickets now!

The Club Scene has been quiet, many of the clubs are looking for new members since the battlefield losses incurred by membership in the last summer campaign season…

Le Opinion

Farrah Faucette has been seen drinking coffee without due appreciation. She looks greatly unimpressed.


His MAJESTY (Le Roi) has the greatest of worries, but I am ashamed, ashamed to call myself a Frenchman when I see the state of the Regular Army, filled with nobodies and impoverished by corruption!
As a Veteran, I call upon all men of France to look to their hearts and take the King’s Crown in his Service.
Army Life is a good life: The True CAMERADERIE of Brothers, Every meal a Feast (at least until my Regimental Cook, the late Gordon Blue had his taste buds shot off at the Siege of Lille) and above all the honour of kicking lily-white English backsides all over Europe.

Le Scandal

Since the Death of the LOVED King Henry and the necessary Regency of The King’s Mother, the two Fils Du France were seen arguing at Versailles, now that their line to the Throne is gone. Did one kick the other forcing him to look for aperitif?

“The CPS is a FINK!” was seen scrawled on the corner of Rue Montmartre.
The most beloved (hem, hem) Commissioner of Public Safety was described as “Furious”

Le Bastille

The CPS has announced no arrests and his ferrets have been quiet.
“Since the Goldyn Case, Paris has been at Peace.”
The Ministers of State and Justice had no Embezzlement or Treason Cases to rule on last month. Christmas is a time for Forgiveness, the MoJ said.
The Military Assizes have been similarly empty. There is, of course no connection to the excellent business Paris Wine Merchants did over the New Year.
The Minister of War described Discipline as “Firm”

Points Arising

Current House Rules are here on the NWA Blog En Garde Page. January 1610 House Rules Please check back regularly. I will notify all players by email as the HR solidify.
This Page will contain the Latest Greasy Pole and other game listings results and news.
Le Canard Riant will come out each month with your turn sheets and a updated list of player’s emails.
Negotiate amongst yourselves between deadlines and cooperate and plan toadying, parties, borrowing favours, etc.
Letters between characters in-character in Press are positively encouraged (and will be in cases of note, rewarded…)
Check the Beginners Guide below for tips and any questions until you get a rulebook, hit me up with questions anytime.
If Regimental Enemies meet or you happen to both court the same “Pompadour” or have yours pinched, that’s automatic Cause for a Duel.
If Honour is Otherwise offended and you wish to meet on the Field of Honour, you must make your case in press and appeal to the Jury of Public Opinion.
NB Please note the Status Points to be gained from Recruiting New Players and the Legion du Fromage SP pool available for in-character Press for LCR, go grab it.

End Notes

Players are encouraged to splash a Fiver on
Standard Engarde from Margam - Evans as a PDF
The rules are also available in softcover.

Standard Game Tables and Order Forms will be of use during the game.

A Beginners Guide to Engarde from a previous game may be found here, some details may differ.

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