In the grim darkness of Nunawading... Part I

On the out fringes of the Ultima Segmentum, to the Galactic East of Terra, Imperial rule is rarely as ironclad as the propaganda would indicate. Xenos raids, renegades, Chaos worship and even greater horrors lurk in the darkness, waiting to claim the souls of an unsuspecting mankind. However, the opportunity to discover great wealth, ancient treasure or unexplored planets draws a broad assortment of outlaws, traders and explorers, each looking to make their fortunes. Far out of the sight of central Imperial authority, dozens of "Little Wars" are fought between forces for their own causes and claims. 

Starting in June 2018, NWA will be running a semi-narrative Science-Fiction Wargames campaign set in the wilds of the Warhammer 40,000 Galaxy. The unique thing that we'll be doing is trying out a variety of different rules sets with our armies to see what we like, rather than playing the one game over and over. Many wargamers will recognise this "too many rules, not enough time" problem, especially in this age of PDF trial rules and free downloads. 
To go with this campaign, there will be plenty of Blog entries, focusing on rules reviews, After Action Reports and army building and painting. Naturally, with Little Wars Melbourne fast approaching, many club members are focused on their displays for that instead, so there aren't too many pictures of "finished" armies for the campaign. To tide you over, here are some "teasers" of forces in development you can see here soon.