40 Years Strong

This was originally published by Mike G, club Secretary, to our Facebook Group on the 29th of April, 2018. 

Today is my 40th anniversary of becoming a wargamer.

Back in 1978, it was a Saturday. I convinced my father to drive me into the city with the purpose of buying at least the so called "Red Book". I had saved up enough cash to buy it. So, we go into the Technical Bookshop on Swanston Street and I see it and the Blandford Press book as well. Dilemma! Which one to buy? As luck would have it, my father offered to buy one of the books.

 When we got back home, I read the Red Book from cover to cover. Then I pulled out the Airfix Napoleonic figure collection and started organising battalions and regiments. Fortunately my brother had the foresight to write the date down. After dinner, cardboard shoe boxes were cut into bases, whilst watching John Wayne's "The Alamo" - a movie sort of within the Napoleonic concept.

It was a small beginning which grew into an all-encompassing hobby. And it's been a great ride. Today, I also think about the friends I've made, those who have also shared the ride and made the hobby fantastic and entertaining. Thank you all!